A call to receive a 2.0 version of your own embodied essence

February 1 -5,





Khungi Espacio, Valle de Bravo, Mexico.

Join the power of the circle in the company of other women.

The healing alchemy of witnessing one another goes beyond what meets the eye.

Have you ever wondered what it means

to be a woman?

Do you want to tap into the full potential of your feminine energy

Do you feel that within the patriarchal structure your feminine energy is not balanced with the masculine within you?

Do you feel pressured by the social or cultural standards of beauty?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this offering is for you.

Inhabiting a space of consciousness and coherence is our responsibility and our right.

With practical tools we will undergo healing processes and find clarity of what we want to focus on, to feel more nourished and full of energy.

Join this group of women leaders to live an empowering and transformative experience in an idyllic space.

Experience the satisfaction of generating alliances with like minded people to continue to expand and share your gifts.

What you will receive:

• Tools to detect, process and release energy blocks & take back your strength and joy.

• Journey to access your own source of vital energy.

• A pathway to envision and to map 2023.

A place to experience the power of sorority

A window to your inner world

The place

Khungi Espacio

Located in the vast forest of Valle de Bravo, Mexico, surrounded by nature, panoramic views, temples of artistic mastery, Khungi Espacio has comfortable and beautiful rooms, and a unique atmosphere to go deep within ourselves. The dreamlike retreat center has magical spaces for contemplation and connecting with our creativity. An open kitchen that faces a reflecting pond for nurturing meals. There is a natural pool, hand carved sculptures all around and a galactic temazcal (sweat lodge) unlike anything you have ever seen. The rooms transport you to the enchanted shire. This place will take you to a dimension where vision is awakened.



your hosts

Patty Bueno

Patty is a Radical Living and Grieving Coach, a Certified Thanatologist and Dying Consciously Teacher. She is the creator and host of AMORTE podcast on death education.

She is an expert in transformation, holding space for all kinds of losses and new beginnings. "When you change and stop being that version of you that you don’t like, that’s a loss too".

She teaches how to embrace conscious and unconscious grief with love as a natural part of life.

She studied Shamanism at the Four Winds Society and works with ceremonies, helping her clients find sacred space through ritual, symbols and elements that connect them with their innate wisdom. She lives in Valle de Bravo, Mexico, with her husband.

PATTY BUENO has a solid professional career and more than 25 years in training, practicing and studying different therapeutic disciplines, physiological-energetic and spiritual well-being.

She is currently in her second year training as a Somatic Experience®️ facilitator and learning from her teacher, Menopause.

Joanna House

Joy is a natural-born empath and has a gift to manage, decode and speed process subtle energy. She has had Apache, Mayan, Huichol, and Aztec teachers, learned from the Amazon culture and as well extensively from the Tibetan Karma Kagyu Lineage.

Reiki Master from the Usui System of Natural Healing, Theta healer from the Thetha Healing™️ Institute of Knowledge, Crystal healer from the School of Natrual Health Science, Bach Flower Practitioner from the Bach™️ International Education Program, Akashic record reader from the Akashic Record Community™️, Womb Worker from the Womben Wellness Institute. She’s trained on The Energy Codes™️, Energetic Flow Formula™️, Quantum Powers™️, Kundalini Body Work™️, Prana Vinyasa™️ of the Samudra Global School of Living Yoga, and Zhi Neng Qi Gong of Dr. Pang.

Joanna was born and raised in Mexico, and has been based in different countries. Her family comes from various parts of the world which gave her a wide vision, being able to approach different cultures with which she has close ties.

Unleash the power within and become a Womb Whisperer

We'll BE Sharing

Practices & Ceremonies:

• Daily somatic yoga

• Radical Forgiveness and Cacao Ceremony

Innerdance sessions

Feminine archetypes


Energy for life masterclass

Radical Manifestation workshop

Future self journey

Temazcal Ceremony

• Massage therapy & limpias (available)

A Womb Whisperer is a woman…

She respects and honors herself.

She respects an honors other women.

She understands her cyclical nature.

She understands the value of community.

She knows her true power, thus her boundaries.

She knows how to ask for help.

She knows she is not alone.

She knows how to help.

She knows herself.

She knows.

Join us!

February 1 -5, 2023

Khungi Espacio, Valle de Bravo,


one time only

SpeciaL price

$965 USD


This fee includes:

• Your stay at Khungi Espacio in a doble cabaña

• Meals for the entirety of the retreat

• Yoga, workshops, master classes, rituals and


It does not include:

• Transportation to and from venue and other available

Our guest facilitators


Pilar is a Psychotherapist and co-founder of the Rites of Passage School, whose objective is to train human and compassionate facilitators to hold sacred space for significant transitions. Founder of Casa Virgilio, an oasis space in Mexico City for workshops and ceremonies.

With over 35 years of experience, she accompanies individuals, couples and groups through Jungian, existential and body psychotherapy and works with tools such as tarot, mythology, rituals and conversation.


Sofía is an expert of the body. Psychologist, postural therapist, Iyengar yoga and meditation teacher with over 10 years of experience.

She works with clients to relieve chronic pain through movement and somatic awareness. She is passionate about the body shrine and feeling and encourages descending into the body for healing.

The Womb Whisperer team


Rosalba, Osoma'yolotl (Monkey Heart), comes from a lineage of curanderas. She is a medicine woman of the Mexica tradition with vast experience. She works with herbalism and massage therapy. She is a Fire Keeper, Temazcalli (Sweat Lodge) facilitator and Medicine Woman.


Penny Hernandez has developed a career as a strategist and back end designer of several women founded projects related to wellness, health and consciousness development. Previously educated on arts, she uses her creativity to bring forward relevant women related messages and produce events on the same line.

This retreat is also for you if...

You want to connect with your

limitless potential

You are ready to heal wounds from the past and turn them into source of power

You want to discover how to manage your energy effectively

You are a therapist or facilitator and you need space to be held for you this time around

You feel like it's your time to manifest and you want a boost

You want to enjoy in community and freshen up with a bath nature and healthy eating



Hang on to your knickers as we prepare to enter this galactic womb for a sweat lodge ceremony of transmutation and transformation.